We promote
education and fight hunger


Basis for a better life

Education is a human right and the key to individual development. Thanks to education, people can develop their personality and lead a fulfilled life. Education also strengthens democracy and promotes tolerance. Education is also a prerequisite for sustainability.

It enables individuals to understand the impact of their own actions on the world and to make responsible decisions. But you can only learn when you are full. This is why the Dieter Morszeck Foundation is also involved in projects that fight hunger in the world.

The commitment of the Dieter Morszeck Foundation is an investment in the future. It promotes the education of children, young people and students by building schools or supporting existing schools, universities and further education institutions. Other funds are used to support individuals and projects in this area. This includes awarding scholarships, covering the costs of school materials and also promoting and supporting parents themselves so that they can better support their children and young people.

The Dieter Morszeck Foundation also supports the organization and financing of meals in the respective educational institutions, such as the project of the Brazilian NGO CIDADES SEM FOME (CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER) in the east of the megacity of São Paulo.


Current Projects

  • Dieter Morszeck Foundation enables the establishment of two CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER school gardens