Dieter Morszeck Foundation enables the establishment of two CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER school gardens

Thanks to a donation of 15,000 euros from the Dieter Morszeck Foundation, the Brazilian NGO CIDADES SEM FOME (CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER) was able to create two school gardens in the east of the megacity of São Paulo.

These gardens in two public schools ensure access to healthy food for over 3,000 pupils living in the favelas with moderate to severe food insecurity. The low income level of the parents reduces the purchasing power for healthy food, because the lower the income level, the less fresh fruit and vegetables are bought.

After the construction, joint planting and the first harvests together with the pupils, CIDADES SEM FOME closely monitored both school gardens over the course of a year. Since then, the organization’s gardens have been run by the pupils themselves.

“The Brazilian NGO is one of the first charitable organizations that we have supported with our foundation,” says Thomas Morszeck, Chairman of the Foundation. “We are delighted to support the school gardens project and thus enable over 3,000 children to enjoy a healthier diet and, not least, environmental education.”

The fruit and vegetables grown in the school gardens not only improve the quantity and quality of food. It also prevents diseases associated with malnutrition and poor diet.

The children and young people also benefit in the long term: Healthy eating habits and an appropriate lifestyle are taught as part of the nutrition lessons offered at the same time in order to counteract the consumption of industrially processed food at an early age.