Flying doctor squadron on the Amazon

The medical care and rescue of the indigenous population in the Brazilian Amazon region is a project that is particularly close to Dieter Morszeck’s heart. This is because it helps people who are completely on their own and have no access to medical care. To this end, Dieter Morszeck has set up a location with a “flying doctor squadron”. Several amphibious aircraft with special equipment for medical transportation were procured for this purpose. This is the only way the rescue teams can reach the people in the remote jungle regions – such as the Zo’é, an indigenous Brazilian tribe of around 330 people. The Zo’é are considered isolated indigenous people and live in the headwaters of the Rio Cuminapanema in the north of the state of Pará.

Between March 9, 2023 and January 15, 2024, almost 290 rescue flights were undertaken, with 210 patients being flown to the clinic. These rescues often come literally at the last minute, as Dieter Morszeck reports, who often flies on board the seaplane himself.

There are accidents and injuries, but also snake, spider or scorpion bites that require immediate treatment. This is only possible thanks to the Flying Doctor Squadron, which can reach the areas quickly. In another case, Dieter Morszeck’s squadron was able to rescue a small child who was suffering from a lack of oxygen. The child was already unconscious and in danger of dying. When it was brought back to life after successful treatment and began to cry, Dieter Morszeck describes it as an extremely emotional moment: “The child was reborn!”

Nowhere else is the basic idea behind Dieter Morszeck’s foundation more tangible than here in the Amazon: people and humanity are always at the forefront.

Experience the Flying Doctors Squadron live

The Dieter Morszeck Foundation’s rescue teams are always in the air to save people in the Amazon region. They also visit the Zo’é again and again. The people of this tribe are also known as the Lip Peg Indians: Each member of the tribe carries a lower lip peg made of white wood.